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“You know what you’re getting into…”

“You know what you’re getting into…”


The event will take place on the 6th of this month

Photos: Playback / CBC News

One of the most commented on topics in the past few days is about coronation King Charles IIIwho is in charge of Queen Elizabeth II, the longest serving monarch in the United Kingdom. The event is scheduled to take place next Saturday (6).

Last Saturday (29), an excerpt from an interview with Princess Anne issued. The Queen’s only daughter commented on the event. The woman commented on the moment for a British TV channel. “Well, you know what you’re going to get because he’s been training a little bit and I don’t think he’s going to change,” sister commented Charles.

Photo: Playback / CBC News

a Princess Anne He even commented on his brother’s role in taking over from Queen Elizabeth II. “You know, he’s committed to his own level of service, and that will remain true,” he said. She said with great confidence Charles.

In the interview, the presenter asked about the decline in the popularity of the British royal family and whether this affects the members of the royal family. We don’t have to, with all due respect, deal with that. The king is the key to this. And the constitution that preserves the monarchy.”In response to the Princess Anne. “We as a family are there to support that role. What we do, we hope, contributes to the monarchy in how we convey continuity, not just of caring, but of service, of understanding, of the way people in society want to live their lives.”