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"You have to use...";  Endrick finally 'falls' in BID and Palmeiras fans go crazy on the web

“You have to use…”; Endrick finally ‘falls’ in BID and Palmeiras fans go crazy on the web

Recently, just as Endrick turned 16, he was Palm trees He has already signed a contract extension with the young promise of Verdão’s base classes. With salary rules, fines and contract time already settled, the striker has just put a piece of paper on paper and confirmed his first contract as a professional player.

But this Thursday (28), the young striker took “another step” in his professional career. That is because his name is officially registered in BID (Daily Newsletter), And it’s now 100% available to Apple Ferreira, because that’s when Ferdow’s coach sees it right to debut.

On the web, it didn’t take long for fan reactions to the news to start arriving: “This is what the palm needs,” “The beast in the show!” , “What shirt will he wear?” , “You gotta wear a 33 shirt, if that’s not it, that’s madness off the board.”Some netizens said.

In the core categories, Endrick has proven himself as one of the biggest promises in recent years, including making his mark on Brazilian national team. This season for Palmeiras there were 17 games in which the talented scored 16 goals, Recording rates are frightening for someone at such a young age.

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