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“You have already voted more than 500 times”; Deo Schmidt shows preparation for the elimination speech and shows his wife voting on the wall of the day


Tadeo Schmidt commented on the preparation of today’s wall elimination speeches between Nicasio, Cara de Sabato and Cesar

© Play / Instagram @tadeuschmidtTadeo Schmidt says his wife used to vote on the walls

Tadeo Schmidt appeared on Instagram, Tuesday (28), to show the audience who follows him on social media getting ready for tonight’s wall. Between Fred Nicasio, Cara de Sabato, and Cesar Black. The reality show presenter talked about the betrothal of the fraternity that could be eliminated and joked with his wife Anna Claudia, who was obligated to vote.

I’m here writing tonightAnd I’d like to know your opinion: Who do you want to delete from BBB 23? Shoe Face, Black Cesar or Fred Nicasio? As I write, Anna Cristina votes here non-stop. She has already voted more than 500 times,” Tado explained, showing his wife the mobile phone in her hand — however, her choice was not shown.

According to Didio, Ana Claudia and the couple’s daughters Valentina and Laura, Usually follow the program and vote for those who wish to be excluded from the attraction. As an attraction presenter, he has made sure to remain neutral on all hotspots.

“She has a preference. On all the walls was a lot of noise. Girls also have their preferences and vote a lot on all the walls. I don’t even want to know. But will the girls’ preferences here be the same as those in Brazil? the journalist asked.

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