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Imagem de: É possível trocar PS4 por Xbox Series S por apenas €19 na Alemanha

You can trade PS4 for Xbox Series S for only €19 in Germany

Many people are still unable to buy PS5 or Xbox Series, either for lack of time or situation. But have you ever thought how amazing it is to not have to go through the trouble of selling your old console to buy a new one?

In Germany , X-Box partnership with gamestopwhere your used video game can be exchanged for S series with only difference payment, which varies from 49.99 euros (about 255 BRL) to 139.99 euros (about 715 BRL).

And it doesn’t just have to be from the same platform, you see? One PS4 Use another trifle worth 19.99 euros (about 102 BRL) or even Nintendo Switch Lite In addition to 109.99 euros (about 562 Brazilian reais), it is already possible to enter the new generation with Xbox S.

Check out all exchange options below:

Control unit replacing: Values
Xbox One X 1TB Xbox S 49.99 euros (102 BRL)
Xbox One S 2TB Xbox S 69.99 euros (357 BRL)
Xbox One S 1TB Xbox S 79.99 euros (408 BRL)
Xbox One S 500 GB Xbox S 99.99 euros (511 BRL)
Xbox One S 1TB Digital Xbox S 99.99 euros (511 BRL)
Xbox One S 500 GB Digital Xbox S €109.99 (562 BRL)
Xbox One 1TB Xbox S 129.99 euros (664 BRL)
Xbox One 500 GB Xbox S 139.99 euros (715 BRL)
PS4 Xbox S From 19.99 € (102 BRL)
Nintendo Switch Lite Xbox S From € 109.99 (562 R$)

What’s even more intriguing is that Sony’s console seems to be worth more, given that replacing the PS4 with the S series is more expensive than the Xbox One, and perhaps a strategy to lure more gamers who chose the contender in the last generation.

Unfortunately, we still don’t have that kind of opportunity here in Brazil. But have you ever thought if you’ve driven the Xbox boss crazy?

Would you like to see this kind of partnership with stores here in Brazil? Tell us in the comments section!

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