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You can get 100% free antenna from the government

You can get 100% free antenna from the government

Replacing traditional satellite dishes with more modern ones is another one they change It resulted from the arrival of the new generation of 5G internet. Replacement has already begun, and therefore, devices should be exchanged as soon as possible in homes in some regions of Brazil. Find out who can get the free satellite collection.

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The device is guaranteed to citizens who meet the conditions of the program keep following. Installation is completely free for families registered in Cadastro Único (CadÚnico) of the Federal Government. With 5G working in some places, the hardware update process has already started through the batch.

FREE satellite kit

The Ministry of Communications announced. The volume released the criteria for selecting families and who can receive the kit with the new satellite dish free of charge. It is a guarantee for families listed in CadÚnico that use traditional satellite dishes (TVRO). They can get the new equipment for free.

The devices are ready to receive the new signal from the open TV channels. It’s a change that ensures better picture and sound quality. In capitals where 5G has already been activated, groups can request an appointment to receive kits with digital signal equipment. If the family makes up for everything Requirementsthe application can be submitted through the Siga Antenado call center on the website or by calling 0800 729 2404.

installation Free For those who are included in CadÚnico. Contacts are also the channel of service for those who doubt their right to receive the collection or not. To find out if you qualify, simply call or access the website and indicate your CPF number.

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According to the National Telecommunications Agency (Anatel), 15 capitals already have the signal in operation. They are: Florianopolis. palm of the hand; Rio de Janeiro; win over; Brasilia. Curitiba. São Paulo; Belo Horizonte, loyal to Goiania. Porto Alegre; Joao Pessoa is a force; Natal and Recife.