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Xbox Game Pass Day One confirmed in late March!

Xbox Game Pass Day One confirmed in late March!

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Independent game publisher mediocre games announce Release date Infinite Guitars. The rhythm RPG will start on March 30th Xbox OneAnd Praca And of course on the first day of Xbox Game Pass.

Infinite Guitars was announced as the first day of Xbox Game Pass last year, along with six other Humble Games that arrived or will arrive at launch on the Xbox Game Pass subscription service. Among those produceAnd the moonAnd ghost songAnd signalis that it Midnight Rapid Fightingwho have already reached the service, in addition to coral island, which has not yet appeared on Game Pass.

🎸 It’s almost time to crash

Infinite Guitars by @nikkonikkoLTD Launches March 30th! 📆

While you’re waiting to battle mechs with the power of rock, make a wish list here!

Remember, Infinite Guitars is coming to Xbox Game Pass and PC arcade games that it xcloud.

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