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Xbox "Chromecast"?  CEO posts photo with Possible Pass Dongle |  X-Box

Xbox “Chromecast”? CEO posts photo with Possible Pass Dongle | X-Box

Phil Spencer, head of Xbox, posted a photo on his Facebook account. Twitter in which users discovered a mysterious device that could be a dongle Microsoft To play with Xbox Game Pass on any TV or monitor. The development of such a device under the codename “Keystone” has already been confirmed by a company spokesperson and it is assumed that it will serve as Chromecastbut transfer data from Xbox Cloud games.

However, it is not known when the manufacturer intends to announce the model, not to mention the date of its release. In addition to the photo, a post from the official Xbox Twitter account added to the hype, saying, “What did we say about putting old prototypes on your shelf, boss?”

The mysterious device on the Xbox Head shelf could be a prototype dongle to play Xbox Game Pass on TVs and monitors – Photo: Reproduction / Rafael Monteiro

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It has already become a norm for the head of Xbox to reveal the company’s upcoming products in his photos. On previous occasions Xbox S She was seen on her bookshelf before her official announcement and a character from Kojima Productions It appeared on the shelf before the announcement of the partnership with designer Hideo Kojima and his studio announcement.

In May of this year, a Microsoft spokesperson confirmed the existence of Project “Keystone,” a low-cost device that can be connected to any TV and monitor to allow Xbox cloud gaming via Xbox Cloud Gaming. However, something undisclosed has caused the company to change direction and rethink its approach, according to the representative, which could mean there is still some time before we officially hear from the dongle.

Microsoft recently partnered with the TV manufacturer Samsung To add an Xbox app locally to some TV models to access Xbox Cloud Gaming without the need for a console. The app is capable of streaming games in 1080p quality at 60fps frame rate.

Xbox Cloud Gaming allows you to play Xbox Game Pass games in the cloud online – Photo: Reproduction / Microsoft