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'Worth the spot and ask for a pass'

‘Worth the spot and ask for a pass’

Ronaldo Fenomeno praised Rodrigo after the Brazilian national team’s victory

a Brazil beat Switzerland 1-0on Monday (28), and secured a place in the round of 16 world Cup🇧🇷 After leaving, Ronaldo evaluated the team’s performance And he admitted, without cheering, that he expected more daring from Tete.

During the live broadcast Ronaldo TVHey This phenomenon drew praise for Rodrigo🇧🇷 According to him, the one with the assist against Casemiro deserves to be part of the team.

Check out below the snippet in which Ronaldo analyzes the victory Brazil in the world Cup.

Question: If Ronaldo were a coach, would he be more daring?

Ronaldo: Yes (he was entering more boldly). Especially since Rodrygo started very well and deserves his place in the starting line-up🇧🇷 She’s asking for a pass. He got what he wanted, and that was the win, that was the most important thing. It is true that in the World Cup not every match will be fun, there are matches that we will suffer from. These kids want so much, just let them go🇧🇷 Rodrygo is fine and Martinelli is fine.

Ronaldo: In the second half, I thought when he replaced Bruno Guimarães, he would also be bolder. I can put Rodrigo as second wheel and Martinelli in that position🇧🇷 I’m happy with this victory. Far from being a trumpet, but it is a valid opinion🇧🇷 He gave (Tite) a taste of daring in the first game, it was crazy. Wow, it was crazy. Attacks, children from all sides.

Brazil 1 x Switzerland: Watch the game taped on ESPN on STAR+ with narration from Paulo Andrade and commentary by Mario Mara

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Tite Rodrigo is considered Neymar’s “double”. while preparing, ESPN Fetch information that the attacking midfielder Real Madrid He served as the star No. 10 during some training sessions.

With Neymar injured, Tite preferred to advance to Paqueta and chose Fred. However, It was Rodrygo’s arrival that made the selection grow and get the result before Switzerland🇧🇷