Controls for corona virus infection have also been demonstrated in Germany, Switzerland, the Netherlands, Sweden and Austria.

In Kasal, central Germany, clashes broke out between protesters and police, as well as protesters. Despite the ban, thousands of people gathered in the city and began marching. Most of the protesters did not wear masks. Some were prepared, and officers also used a rubber stick and pepper spray. Ten thousand police estimated that the number of protesters and the large forces – water cannons and helicopters.

On-site reporters in Leicester, Switzerland, estimated that 3-5,000 people took part in a peaceful demonstration approved by the authorities. Some of them came up with banners, with others, enough !, let love be your companion, do not be afraid! Sentences were also added. In their statement, protesters accused the Swiss government of holding the country hostage for more than a year, writing that “these actions make no sense.” “To protect the one percent of the population at risk, the lives of the remaining 99 percent have been ruined,” they added.
The federal government on Friday decided to postpone the reopening of restaurants and entertainment venues due to the bad epidemic situation and to maintain other restrictions despite pressure from the zones.

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An unauthorized movement took place in Amsterdam, the Netherlands, against the restrictions imposed by the police with water cannons. There have been numerous protests and clashes in the country in recent weeks. In the Netherlands, the number of new infections per day is increasing sharply: from Friday morning to Saturday morning 7668 new cases have been registered. There has been no example of such a high number since the beginning of January.

A few hundred protesters took to the streets of the Swedish capital Stockholm and kotanpark and malmovilum, but the struggle was ended by police everywhere.

In Vienna, activists took to the streets again on Saturday to protest the two-week-old restrictions. High power struggle with the police retreated and dispersed, using pepper spray and detained eight protesters.

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