Hungary also backed countries that the EU says are in dire straits to get more vaccines soon.

Corona virus – second year

It has been more than a year since Chinese officials reported a new, fast-spreading virus to the WHO. Since then, there has been hardly a person in the world who has not heard the word Covid-19, and more and more people are mourning with a relative or friend whose new illness has ended, while reserves have been declining for weeks, and our entire lives have been rewritten by the epidemic. Now, vaccinations are complete, which not only raises a lot of questions of hope, but at the same time threatens another mutation, not just stopping the virus. Details of this fight can be found in our series of articles.

Most EU member states on Thursday agreed to distribute 2.85 million doses of Pfizer / Bioentech population-based vaccines in solidarity with countries in high demand for corona virus infection.

Vaccines controlled by the European Union are sometimes distributed according to the population of the 27 member states. However, the ambassadors of 19 EU member states agreed to change the allocation for the 10 million doses of Pfizer / BioNtech vaccine in the second quarter of the year, the third quarter in which the EU receives hundreds of millions in advance.

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The so-called “unity vaccine” is distributed to 2.85 million countries:

  • Bulgaria;
  • Croatia;
  • Estonia;
  • Latvia and
  • Slovakia.

In addition, these countries get a proportional share.

Countries participating in the redistribution mechanism – Hungary, Belgium, Cyprus, Denmark, Finland, France, Germany, Greece, Ireland, Italy, Lithuania, Luxembourg, Malta, the Netherlands, Poland, Portugal, Romania, Spain and Sweden – less than 10 million, 6.66 million Receives the dose. For example, Germany, the most populous EU member state, has 1.3 million instead of 1.8 million.

Three EU countries – Austria, the Czech Republic and Slovenia – rejected the treaty, leaving no change in their population. Austria, in solidarity with the Czech Republic, rejected the agreement, saying its northern neighbors also needed more vaccines to fight the pandemic.

Urban: It will be known next week whether children aged 16-18 can be vaccinated at home

More than 260 corona virus patients have died and the number of victims is more than 9,000, Prime Minister Victor Orban said on Mosquito Radio. With 3-3.5 million vaccinated people, more freedom can come, cultural life will begin and hotels will be opened for those with security certificates, he said.

Croatian Prime Minister Andrzej Blenkovic praised the agreement in a statement, pointing out that Croatia would receive an additional 747,000 doses. Estonian Prime Minister Gajah Gallus praised EU solidarity and cooperation, with the Baltic country receiving an additional 62,000 Pfizer / Bioentech vaccines.

The EU expects the vaccine supply to increase in the second quarter and the vaccination campaign to accelerate. He expects many vaccines to come because at least seventy percent of the adult population can be vaccinated by July.

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