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Women’s Contribution to Science • AVIGLIAN @ news

In a meeting organized by Circolaremente, researcher Emiliana Losma will speak on March 8 about women who have contributed discoveries relevant to the scientific production of the twentieth century.

On the occasion of the International Day of Women’s Rights, the Circularly Association proposes a meeting to be held on Wednesday, March 8, at 8:45 pm, in Sala Daniele Bertotto (Preparatory School Defendente Ferrari Via Cavalieri di Vittorio Veneto 3 Avigliana) entitled “When is science feminine. Contribution of women to science Emiliana Lusma, researcher of the historical and cultural production of women, especially in the scientific field, will speak.

Through their contribution we will be able to get to know some of those women who fought against stereotypes and exclusion from legislation, giving rise to real innovations, often unrecognized, but which gave important results in the scientific production of the twentieth century. From this meeting, CircolarMente intends to launch other initiatives in the coming year that may involve teachers and students interested in exploring the cultural heritage that still weighs heavily on women today.

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