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Woman running away from being crushed by train

Woman running away from being crushed by train

A woman has barely missed being run over by a train at a railway crossing in the Netherlands. In a video taken with a surveillance camera, it is possible to see her walking close to the rail, even with the gates closed.

You turn left and try to go to an area that seems to give you access to a station. However, with the gate closed, she surrenders and is forced to escape to escape the express train. It avoids being hit by the train by only a few centimeters.

According to ProRail, which is responsible for trains in the Netherlands, more than a third of delays on this line are caused by people walking or crossing the rails. Consequently, train operators are forced to slow down and other trains following them are directed by traffic control to run at a slower pace, causing a snowball effect.

Reckless situations occur even as authorities impose fines on violators ranging from 150 to 250 euros (R$926 to R$1551).

Watch the video:

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