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Woman pulled out her teeth for not paying the full cost of a transplant

Woman pulled out her teeth for not paying the full cost of a transplant

A 46-year-old woman accuses a Cascavel dentist of removing a tooth he implanted in her mouth because she was unable to pay all the premiums for the repair. The patient’s lawyer says she is in a tragic situation.

The woman claims that she went to the dental clinic in Cascavel for implants, in search of a better quality of life. During this process, nine implants were placed to replace all of the front teeth. The service was closed at an amount of 9 thousand Brazilian riyals, and the patient was able to pay 4 thousand Brazilian riyals.

The remaining amount, according to the lawyer, was not paid due to the patient’s financial difficulties. However, what had to be dealt with in the legal field by the clinic to get the value became an issue that the professional would classify as “inhuman”.

“This is one of the most inhuman and unreasonable health conditions. A health professional who simply relates to a matter that should be indicted in court, by appropriate means, in the right field, ends up removing all of my client’s teeth. The case is allison Silvera da Luz,” said attorney Alison Silvera da Luz. Seriously, we are waiting for justice.”

According to him, there is already an injunction ordering the appeal of the patient’s previous condition, so that she can restore her teeth. The lawyer stated that the client was five kilograms thinner, because she was unable to eat. In addition, it presents a speech impairment.

Silveira da Luz continued: “We expect an immediate response from justice, as well as an appropriate punishment for this clinic and especially for this professional who certainly does not love or respect humans, and does not deserve the position he holds.”


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