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Woman Claims She Beaten Thai Carla in Court Didn’t Win Case TV News

The Court of Justice of the State of Bahia accepted the agreement between them Thai Carla Leticia Bastos in action Image misusemoved by the dancer. The lawyers made an agreement in which the instrumentalist must perform the surgery Pay compensation to the Thais and they can’t talk about it publicly. By posting videos of the case, she has failed to comply with the agreement and is once again in the crosshairs of justice.

the the news I found out that Letícia didn’t win the lawsuit, as she commented on Instagram. The judgment of November 25, 2022, signed by Judge Marcio Reynaldo Miranda Braga, ordered the health professional to pay R$4,000. A month later, the two parties reached an agreement to determine the payment method.

“It has been shown that Leticia, in addition to hurling insults with a series of gratuitously offensive allegations, including calling her crazy and stupid, makes a negative judgment about the author’s life with her daughters, stating that she does not care about her life or their children’s,” says an excerpt from The decision obtained by the report.

After Leticia said that she had won the case, the lawyers of the former dancer Anita requested, this Thursday (26), that the court judge her for breach of the approved agreement. They want the bassist to delete videos in which she mentioned Thais, retract publicly on social networks and pay a R$400 fine.

the other side

the the news Attorney Rafael Lázaro, who represents Leticia, asked about the non-compliance with the agreement. On a note, it was stated that the comments made by the influencer were not directed at Thais Carla. Lazaro did not say against whom his client celebrated the victory.

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Letícia’s defense is not aware of any act of non-compliance on her part in the process with the Thais. It appears that it was the Thais who failed to comply by providing explanations on her Instagram about the post they believe she lost. Letícia celebrated with another operationAnd the party is another person without naming names.

In this process that I celebrated, there is still an appeal. The decision was made by the Court of First Instance. Leticia’s defense is waiting to see if there will be an appeal or a final ruling. Due to professional ethics, I will not be reporting names.

Leticia defends herself

Report contacted Letícia through her press office, but received no response. However, later on, the single posted a video mocking the media who had “denied” her. He wondered, “They are spreading that I am lying! And now? Have they unmasked her? Have they seen all the operations?” Check it out below:

Thai Carla responds to Leticia

Yesterday Letícia posted videos on Instagram and TikTok to celebrate her “victory”. And I criticized my lawyer, saying that I had won the morbid obesity suit. You know that guy who’s suing everyone because we say obesity is a disease?

The woman concluded, “Obesity is the second deadliest disease in the whole world. Stop this act of accepting yourself with your body, because obesity is a disease, yes.” Then the Thais exiled Leticia.

“I saw the pages saying I lost to that nurse, but no. I won all the obesity phobia lawsuits that incorrectly used my picture. You need to know that, because fake news is a crime. If the person is suggesting I lost, you’re so wrong,” he launched. the dancer.

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