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Without warning, Nubank releases digital currency that customers get for free

Without warning, Nubank releases digital currency that customers get for free

Nubank has launched its own Nucoin token. The digital currency will ensure more benefits and advantages for customers, such as cashback and tickets to participate in the drawings that will lead to cash prizes. Learn how to take advantage of novelty in rewards digital bank.

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With the launch of Nuncoin, the most active and active customers will benefit even more. They can accumulate token units to upgrade the benefits program. Then, in the coming months, the bank will allow those who wish to sell the tokens to other Nubank customers.

Noquen de Nubank

According to Nubank, Nucoin uses Polygon. It is a secure and sustainable blockchain technology and is one of the largest blockchains in the world.

More than 2,000 Nubank customers and members of NuCommunity, a relationship channel with the bank, are taking part in a group created last year to reflect on the dynamics and benefits of digital currency.

The digital bank said it would create the tokens on a limited basis. The strategy works on evaluating the assets. Thus, customers will get Nucoins as a reward for their relationship with the digital bank.

They can earn more tokens through withdrawals and cashbacks on purchases with debit or credit cards, as well as cryptocurrency transactions on the Nubank app.

There is also the option to freeze Nucoins or exchange them with other customers of the digital bank. According to Nubank, how much each person will receive digital currencies will depend, in principle, on the level of each person’s relationship with the bank.

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To start, everyone will get at least 50 Nocoins. The more a person is a customer of the digital bank, the more Nucoins they will get. There are other ways to accumulate more. For example, by referring friends to be Nubank customers, or even by participating in the Nubank community.