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Without a mask, a woman takes off her clothes and ties it to her face to enter an ice cream parlor in Argentina; Watch the video

Mendoza, Argentina – Banned from entering an ice cream parlor without a protective face mask against Covid-19, a woman starred in an unusual moment in Mendoza, Argentina. On Saturday night, she took off the dress she was wearing with the intention of using it on her face as a mask. Watch a moment video:

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In the photos it is possible to see that the woman is already entering the institution in her underwear, trying to attach the dress to her face. A family with a man and three girls watching the scene with a stunned expression and not interfering. Later, the woman leaves the ice cream shop without being able to cover her face with her dress.

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According to local newspaper Diario Mendoza, the ice cream shop staff asked her to leave, and the woman told her: “Don’t ask me for a mask, I’ll wear it.” Then he raised his arms and withdrew.

The video was recorded by security cameras at the facilities located in the commercial district of Godoy Cruz.

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