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Withdrawals over R$2,900 remain available until the end of November

Withdrawals over R$2,900 remain available until the end of November

Official contract workers can request to withdraw part of their balance fgts (Guarantee Fund for the term of service) every year. The refund value is equal to a percentage of the funds available in the accounts, plus an additional fixed amount of up to R$2,900.

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known as FGTS birthday draw, the method is an alternative to the traditional withdrawal termination. By his choice, the individual forgoes withdrawing the entire balance in the event of dismissal without just cause, but acquires the right to withdraw a portion of the accumulated amount each year.

Any formal worker can make change, as long as they work under the Consolidation of Labor Laws (CLT) scheme. The list includes urban, rural, freelance, local, temporary employees, and more.

Deadline for withdrawal

Interested parties who register with it between the first business day of their month of birth and the last business day of the second month following the withdrawal of funds. That is: born in September and joined B Christmas withdrawal You can refund until November 30th.

The change is valid only in the same year when it is made on the last working day of the month of birth of the citizen. This means that this month’s birthdays are still within the application deadline.

Membership can take place on the FGTS website or app, 100% digitally, without having to go to a bank branch. If you prefer a face-to-face service, the operator can go to the Caixa Econômica Federal Bank.

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What is the withdrawal amount?

The amount that each person can withdraw varies according to the total balance available in the linked active (current job) and inactive (previous job) FGTS accounts. In addition to the percentage of funds, workers with more than R$500.01 accumulated can withdraw an additional fixed amount of up to R$2,900.

See the table below for the withdrawal percentage and straight-line amount for each balance range: