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Withdrawals of up to 3900 BRL issued in October by FGTS!

Now, workers born in October who have available balance in their FGTS accounts can withdraw up to R$3,900 this month. This method relates to the Christmas Withdrawal, available only to certain select taxpayers.

To learn more about the withdrawal method, how to request it and the maximum amount paid for it, continue to follow the article below and clear all your doubts!

The deadline for refunding FGTS withdrawals is up to three months and the application can be submitted through the application / credit: jeanedeoliveirafotografia / pronatec.pro.br

Who can implement the FGTS birthday withdrawal?

As the name of the method implies, the birthday withdrawal is for all workers who have an available balance in the FGTS accounts and who were born in the month in which the benefit was withdrawn. In this case, those born in October can already run after the money, which can be withdrawn until December 30 of this year.

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Rate the method

However, the Christmas withdrawal values ​​will depend on how much the worker takes into account, bearing in mind that the full value of the money cannot be withdrawn. In general, there are seven payment ranges in which an additional flat premium for withdrawal based on the percentage value of the FGTS is included. paying off:

  • Values ​​up to 500 BRL: Possibility to withdraw 50% of the value without adding an additional premium;
  • Values ​​ranging from R$ 500.01 to R$ 1,000: 40% of the value can be withdrawn with an additional R$ 50;
  • Values ​​between R$1000.01 and R$5000: 30% of the value can be withdrawn with an additional R$150;
  • Values ​​between R$5000.01 and R$10,000: Possibility to withdraw 20% of the value with an additional R$650;
  • Values ​​between R$ 10000.01 and R$ 15,000: Possibility to withdraw 15% of the value with an additional R$ 1150;
  • Values ​​between R$ 15,000.01 and R$ 20,000: Possibility to withdraw 10% of the value with an additional amount of R$ 1900;
  • Amounts over R$ 20,000.01: Possibility to withdraw 5% of the amount, with an additional R$ 2,900.
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How do you join the Christmas raffle?

Finally, to join the Christmas draw method, simply download the FGTS app (Android: https://bityli.com/qzXXd or iOS: https://bityli.com/RPkqb) and follow these steps:

  • First, access the application using your registered password;
  • Then click on the “Withdrawal Anniversary” tab;
  • Next, read all the available terms and click Agree to the terms and conditions;
  • Finally, click on Join the Christmas Draw.

The application also allows the user to know how much he should receive from the withdrawal and choose the preferred method of accessing the funds, whether in person, at a bank branch or through a virtual transfer to any bank account of his choice.

It is important to remember that when adhering to the Christmas withdrawal method, the worker gives up the severance withdrawal, which is granted to those who have been dismissed from work without just cause. However, it is possible to return to it, with the need to wait 24 months to change the method. Having said that, it’s also true to report that sticking to the birthday draw is not mandatory, so if you don’t want to, the worker doesn’t need to stick to it.

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