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With US assistance, the smuggling network of immigrants to Mexico-International was removed

The Mexican Attorney General’s Office said Wednesday (28) that a mob dedicated to the mass abduction of undocumented immigrants with the cooperation of the United States had been removed in northwestern Mexico.

U.S. Secretary of Defense Alejandro Myorgas congratulated Mexican officials on the move, which was attended by customs and border security services and the Immigration Service of neighboring countries in the north.

Mexican federal agents on the Mexican (northwestern) border with the U.S. city of Calaisco have detained seven people “allegedly involved in a transnational criminal organization dedicated to mass abduction,” a statement from the Attorney General’s Office said.

The move comes after Mexico requested “intelligence information” from the Department of Homeland Security about a gang with “contacts” in the United States.

In a statement, Majorcos said he was “proud” of his cooperation with Mexican authorities. “The success of this initiative demonstrates the firm cooperation between our companies,” he stressed.

Local media have pointed out that the detainees, who have already been made available to a federal judge, are members of a gang known as “Las Tamayo”.

The arrests were made on Monday and Tuesday after Mexican federal agents searched different homes.

Migration of immigrants has become one of the key points on the bilateral agenda between Mexico and the United States, which is causing strong tensions, especially during the government of former Republican President Donald Trump (2017-2021).

Majorcos visited Mexico last June to discuss common security issues, including the abduction of immigrants to the United States, most of whom were Central Americans fleeing poverty and insecurity in their home countries.

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From January to May, 22,267 undocumented immigrants were detained in Mexico, according to the Mexican Ministry of Defense.

The Secretary of Defense said at the end of June that the Mexican government had sent about 27,000 troops to the northern and southern borders to prevent illegal migration.