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With the help of Pix and Card machines, Malafaia expands a religious empire in the epidemic

Silas saw his empire grow in this pandemic. Photo: clone / Instagram

Pocket scientist Silas Malavía saw his religious empire grow during the pandemic. All this thanks to Pix and credit and debit card devices. It opened twice as many spaces compared to 2018 and 2019 combined (nine temples). Three more locations are expected to open by the end of 2021.

According to a report by Folha de São Paulo, business requires a lot of money. This is because he does not want to “do something ridiculous for God’s sake.” The priest calculates to spend about 1 million Brazilian reals per inauguration. This means that expenditures are about 20 million R$ between 2020 and this year.

“I wouldn’t tell everyone not to think I thought I was the last Coca-Cola in the desert,” he said, “but most priests have stopped and returned their possessions.” Our expansion was due to the fear of many. Also, I won’t pretend to be humble here, we have credibility. I have a social network [somando Instagram, Facebook e Twitter] With more than 8 million people.

Advec’s headquarters, in northern Rio, has 120 debit or credit card swiping machines. In the period when face-to-face services were blocked, the Pix method was the answer.

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Silas Melfavia and his support for President Bolsonaro

He is one of the country’s most famous priests and one of Bolsonaro’s biggest supporters. Coincidentally, his empire grew under the Pocketnist government. Advec has been around since 1959, but has expanded in recent years. Today there are 150 temples around Brazil.

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