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With salaries up to R$15,000, Zenklub opens 40 vacancies

With salaries up to R$15,000, Zenklub opens 40 vacancies

a Remote work has become a reality As much as possible in Brazil with the Covid-19 pandemic. Many companies and employees have confirmed that the business model actually works. Today, this has been the choice of many workers looking for remote work opportunities. In other words, without leaving home.

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Companies around the world offered good salaries, especially in the areas of marketing and technology. A startup, for example, has 40 jobs in the home office model, with salaries as high as R$15,000.

Distance working

Zenklub is a mental health professional. Many professionals such as psychologists and psychoanalysts register on the platform to provide care services. Now Zenklub has more than 40 open remote workplaces.

Stakeholders must be from technology fields. As the vacancies are for a full-fledged data engineer, product design manager, (a) back-end and front-end developer and many others.

Those selected to be part of the startup’s employee pool receive salaries ranging from R$3,000 to R$15,000 depending on their area of ​​expertise and qualifications.

In addition to good salaries, the company also offers benefits such as health and dental plans, as well as flexible working hours.

To apply, interested parties should access the Zenklub job portal and check more details for each of the vacancies. Today, the startup is recognized for providing services to large companies, such as Ambev and Natura.

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