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With Messi's inspiration, it's impossible not to find Argentina favorites in the cup

With Messi’s inspiration, it’s impossible not to find Argentina favorites in the cup

* Yesterday’s match was a real friendly, but 3-0 win over Honduras Enhances the current level of Argentina unbeaten in 34 matches (since the 2019 Copa America semi-final against Brazil).

* and the The longest unbeaten streak in the history of the Argentine national team, and it will not be broken until the opening of the World Cup.. There are only two friendlies left until then, against Jamaica, next Tuesday, and the United Arab Emirates, only in November.

* Lionel Messi Played very well. “With such inspiration, how could Argentina not be the favourites in Qatar?” asked commentator Totti Basman yesterday at the end of the broadcast of Radio La Red, the leading sports radio station in Buenos Aires.

* With the two of yesterday, jersey number 10 now has only 88 goals for the blue and white team, and could even triple Maradona’s amount (34 goals).

* The veneration of the Honduran players at the end of the match was symbolic. This respect can be seen even in Qatar, at the star’s fifth and final World Cup.

* The base of this Argentina is young, as we have shown Messi After you leave, this freshness is at hand. The previous generation, undeniably talented but deeply shaken by several final defeats, fizzled out and gave way to a group with new legs and strong minds.

* A good example of this is the debut of Enzo Fernandez, former River Plate midfielder, today at Benfica. He showed the ability not only to combine the selection, but also to be the initiator of the event with Paredes or de Paul. Who reads the column? Since March he knows coach Lionel Scaloni is in love with himwho is only 21 years old.

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* They’ve always asked for a “team around Messi”, and this is Argentina’s daughter Surreal ability to always enter 15 or 16 “stands” at the same level. They change the names, but not the quality, as happened yesterday in Miami.

* s Colleague Andre Rocha confirms that the current Brazil has the largest talent pool in the country since 2006. This is Argentina, in turn, He is the best after Maradona (ie since 1994).

* And the two countries together, when did they reach such a high World Cup? I would answer in 1990, as Brazil was then the Copa America champion and Argentina the 1986 World Cup champion.

* There are 57 days left until the cup opens. For Argentina, it would be great if only five remained. The team flies, and its master lives a rare inspiration. He certainly deserves to be seen as the favorite to reach the semi-finals and complete the seven matches of the World Cup, but talk of a title is premature. Argentina and any other country. Step by Step. like tango.