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With Maharessa, Reis will have sequences recorded in the cities of Minas Gerais – Prisma

For various reasons, including historical cities with beautiful heritage, TV sets and content producers always put Minas Gerais in the scenario of their great products. In terms of locations, many possibilities are presented. This has been going on for decades.

As recent events, SBT, with a team of “Poliana Moça”, and Globo, which were there recording scenes from several seasons of “Além da Illusion”.

In contrast, since last week, Milho Verde and Sete Lagoas, two other sites with similar characteristics, focus on the “Reis” business. Scenes from seasons 5 and 6.

There, Merissa Fernanda, who was the “All the Girls In Me” heroine and now plays Ainoã, the young stage character of the character, performed many of her scenes alongside Gabriel Vivan, young David. Work on these sites should continue for a few more days.

On the Reiss theme, actor Felipe Cardoso will also be one of his upcoming creations, as King Arina.

It is worth remembering that Record, on other occasions, moved its productions to Hollywood scenarios in Morocco, but then the coronavirus pandemic came in the way.

Attention Attention

According to Bloomberg, Netflix has already closed its US business plan, for inclusion during its content exhibition.

There will be 4 minutes of ads for every hour watched.

weather girl

Paula Nobre, who has served stints at Climatempo and CNN Brasil, is in the public report, one of TV Jovem Pan’s new hires.

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Since yesterday, he started providing weather forecasts, something no one had done until then.


Last Monday, CNN Brasil started the exhibition “Arena Eleções” in two editions, morning and evening, with the participation of guests and all commentators in the house.

Scenography was taken care of to create a circuit in Studio 1.

by the way

Just yesterday, at 8:00 PM, CNN Brasil began holding hearings with the main presidential candidates. The first was Simone Tebet (MDB) and on the fifth it will be Ciro Gomes (PDT) and on the sixth day, time is divided between Soraya Thronicke (União) and Felipe D’Avila (Novo). Lula (PT) and Jair Bolsonaro (PL), in that order, are staying next week.

All with William Walk.


The chance did not affect the Band’s debate, but some mishaps should be avoided in the second round.

One, the microphone failed. very bad. Plus a greater speed would be required to avoid many records of aggression and people wanting to fight outside of the main studio.

I’m about to arrive

TV network! Closes with Larissa Earthal to join the NFL broadcast team.

Larissa, who has been a member of the band for a long time, will be alongside Marcelo de Ó and Gabriel Golem.


Production company Kuarup began recording Notícias Populares in 10 episodes for Channel Brazil. Most of the cast is made up of actors from the São Paulo theater.

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It will be Luciana Paes, who was in “How Much More Life, Better!” and Maciel Silva in the first episode, where she tells a supernatural story. Bruna Lensmeyer enters as a guest actress.

he is

Heródoto Barbeiro, a person with a history of the most important Brazilian press, owner of “Jornal da Record News” and “Conexão Record News”, is Tuesday’s guest at the “Programa de Todos os Programas”.

Starting at 18pm on social media R7, YouTube and Facebook.


Away from TV series since “Rock Story”, in 2016, Susy Rêgo signed a contract with Globo and will be joining the cast of “All Flowers”, written by João Emanuel Carneiro, set to premiere in October or November on Globoplay.

Suzy will play Patsy.

for work

Fausto Silva resumed work on his show last Monday, after taking a few days off so Studio Band could host Sunday’s presidential debate.

The machine staff stayed up all night to arrange everything.

broke down

The first week of “Mar do Sertão,” on Globo, showed that the decision to take welding Rodrigues to the cast was correct.

Even with so many years down the road, this is his first telenovela, and in a territory no one else controls: humor. The evil mayor Saba Bodo promised.

hit – decisive

• Journalist Gabriel Prioli launches “Astros em Trânsito”, a book that includes moments from the track of 35 Brazilian TV celebrities…

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• …from A to Z, only the big names. Foreword by Mauricio Steiser.

• When asked if he believes in all the candidates in the debate on September 24, SBT’s director of press, José Occhiuso, economically answered: “Yes, I think so!”.

• Makeover Ronnie Vaughn’s morning debut on Rede TV! continue to be taken…

• …there is an effort made by your team to develop original ideas. They serve as an option for what other competitors are offering on time.

• Ivete Sangalo has already recorded a tribute to Jô Soares in “Pipoca” …

• … will air next Sunday, she and Douglas Silva as Captain Cueca and Carlos Sule.

• Live from Argentina, ESPN will have Zenho, Paulo Calshadi and Nevaldo Prieto on Wednesday’s match broadcast, starting at 21:30, Velez and Flamengo …

• …Renata Ruel is the referee commentator.

• TV Cultura started a special program in celebration of the bicentenary of the independence of Brazil…

• …begins on Thursday, with “Opinião”, talking about the main characters in the story and welcoming actor Celso Frateschi…

• … The program includes an interview given by Antonio Vagundez to “Provoca”, on the 6th of the month, on the series “Independencias”.