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With a new service, Correios guarantees same-day delivery

With a new service, Correios guarantees same-day delivery

Last Friday (24/09), the Post Office started making available a new form of delivery, which is Sedex today. This new mode promises to send orders to the recipient within hours of posting, as well as offering real-time tracking.

This new version is made possible thanks to Extend delivery period. If orders are received at post offices before 6 pm, delivery can be completed until 11 pm on the same day. Those arriving at the agency between 6:00 PM and 8:00 PM (the exact time) will be delivered until 12:00 PM the next day.

Delivery deadline is not affected by weekends. Thus, Sedex Today continues the application process on Saturdays and Sundays. The method is one of the delivery options available to any customer who has a contract with Correios. Those who prefer this type of delivery can take their orders to the post office delivery center on the same day.

At the moment, this method is available Only in some specific places. Correios offers a free home collection in more than 80 municipalities in the state of São Paulo and in Extrema, Minas Gerais.


Due to its agility, Sedex Hoje is the most expensive option among other Sedex classes. But according to a survey by Correios, 64% of customers are willing to accept more expensive shipping for Receive order faster.

The simulation, which is based in the capital, São Paulo, as the origin and destination of the order in this method, shows that the delivery of a 300-gram package in Sedex Hoje is R$11.88. This compares to R$8.52 for regular Sedex (for next business day delivery).

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