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With a goal from Sarrafiore, Vasco beat Boavista and opened an advantage in the third stage of the Copa del Rey.

With a goal from Sarrafiore, Vasco beat Boavista and opened an advantage in the third stage of the Copa del Rey.

At Elcyr Resende, Vasco beat Boavista 1-0 in the first leg of the third stage of the Copa del Rey. The goal of the match was scored by Argentine Martin Sarfiori at the end of the first half. With this victory, Cruz Maltino has advanced and only needs a tie in the return duel, next Wednesday, at 16:30, in São Januaro, to secure his place in the round of 16 of the competition.

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Next Sunday, Gigante da Colina will return to the field for the second round of the Brazilian Championship Série B. The challenger will be Ponte Prieta, at 4 p.m., at Moises Lucarelli. But on the same day, at 6 pm, Verdao de Saquarema will make his debut with Série D, also at Elcyr Resende, against São Bento.

Players celebrate Vasco’s winning goal, scored by Sarfiore (Image: Reproduction/SporTV)

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initial failure
For the duel, Marcelo Capo brought two new additions to the team: Serafiori and Romulo. However, early 30 seconds into the game, the defensive midfielder missed a silly pass on the ball and kicked Michael Douglas hard on Vanderley to let her. Minutes later, the shirt 8 failed again, but the defenses managed to avoid the kick and avoid danger.

At 38, Lucas Lourenco played for fullback Wisney, who kicked first in Vanderley’s hand. The homeowners still had another chance in the first half. The full-back crossed the area, but Jean-Victor did not take advantage of the big opportunity and broke through.

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Argentine star
Despite Vasco trying to impose his rhythm, the first half was tepid and technically weak. Marcelo Capo’s team lacked strength and aggressive attacking. At the best opportunity, Morato hit a weak kick just wide of Ari’s goal. In the end, after a good cross from Zeca from the left, the number 10 shirt tried to take control, but the ball was left to Martin Sarfiori to score on his first start.

wall via Maltino
In the final stage, Boavista made a quick rebound, and Andre was fouled at the half-moon. On the kick, Jean-Victor hit hard, but Vanderley made a great save and also closed the goal in the rebound, saving Cruz Maltino. Soon, it was the visitors’ turn to respond, with a superb move from Morato, who sent a cross and left the ball to Gabriel Beck to kick it and show the defence, without giving a rebound.

Homeowners with one less
Boavista began to grow in the game and Marcelo Capo decided to make three changes and give more balance to his midfield. With Leo Gabba entering, Vasco had good chances to extend the score. After a good table with Pec on the right, the striker greeted her in the area, but sent her off. Verdão de Saquarema advanced, but Lucas Lourenço came in with Ricardo Graça, hit the Vasco defender and was sent off.

In the end, the homeowners came under pressure, even if less. Jean Victor hit a free kick in the area, defender Gustavo Giladera headed to Vanderley, who saved in two games. After that, Vasco made a sharp cross with Riquelme, who sent a cross and the ball fell to Leo Gabba, who sent it.

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data sheet
Boavista 0x1 Vasco

date and time: 06/01/2021, 9:30 p.m.
Sweetened: Elcyr Resende, in Saquarema (RJ)
Rule: Paulo Roberto Alves Jr. (PR)
Auxiliaries: Ivan Carlos Boon (PR) and Sidmar dos Santos Meurer (PR)
yellow card: Lucas Lourenco and Ralph (Good) / Andre E. Kanu (VAS)
red card: Lucas Lourenco (Good)

Goal: Sarrafiore (44 feet/1 ton) (VAS)

Boavista (Technician: Leandrao)
I see. Wesny (Cayo Felipe 23 min/2T), Douglas Pedroso, Victor Pereira and Jean Victor; Ralph Dias, Lucas Lourenço and Ryan Gillherme (Marion 32’/2T); Jefferson Renan (Gustavo refrigerator 38 ft/2T), Marquinhos and Michael Douglas

Basque (Technician: Marcelo Capo)
Vanderlei, Léo Matos, Ernando, Ricardo Graça, Zeca (Riquelme 25’/2T); Romulo, Andre (Bruno Gomez 25ft/2t); Morato (Figueiredo 32’/2T), Sarrafiore (Léo Jabá 25’/2T) and Gabriel Pec; pumps.