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With a bold look, Madonna performs at the club’s reopening show and sells a selfie for $10,000

The space has been closed since 2019 due to Covid-19, and the space is back in operation with a performance by the artist, which marks the beginning of ‘Pride Weekend’; The singer had a transparent look and her breasts were visible

Reproduction / Instagram / @MadonnaMadonna sang in “The Boom Boom Room”, which was held atop the Standard High Line

Madonna I was surprised last Thursday evening, the 24th, when giving a performance in the famous American poem “The Boom Boom Room”, which was held at the top of the Standard High Line Hotel. Closed since 2019 due to pandemic COVID-19, the space reopened with a performance by the artist, which marks the beginning of the “weekend”, a week LGTQIA + Pride we United State. The 62-year-old rocked a sheer look, her breasts bare, and a blue wig. According to Gotham Magazine, Madonna sang two songs and then, accompanied by Zachary Quinto, held a live auction of signed Polaroids. A selfie fetched $10,000. Proceeds went to the Hetrick Martin Institute, an organization that strives to provide a safe and supportive environment for young members of the LGBTQIA+ community.

The singer shared the moments of the party on her social networks. In a video, Madonna is shown dancing with fans and doing “vogging,” a dance created by black and Latino LGBTQ+ people who were not seen in drag competitions in the ’80s, popularized by the artist with the song “Vogue.” In another post on her official Instagram page, she appeared in a kind of clip with several frames bearing the words “Freedom” (Freedom, in Portuguese) and “No Fear” (Without fear, in Portuguese). “With my love. To remind everyone that we need to be brave, not be afraid and continue to resist anyone who tries to make us feel less or less deserving of human rights and respect. We don’t need special rights, we want equal rights. Strength for people. So grateful that I played Times Square the night before and was seen by many. Thank you to all of you who made this possible,” the singer wrote in the caption.

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