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Windows 11: We downloaded and tested the operating system [Hands-on]

Windows 11: We downloaded and tested the operating system [Hands-on]

Microsoft will hold an event on June 24 to introduce the long-awaited new generation of the computer operating system, but a major leak has revealed almost everything about Windows 11. Recently, the online version of the operating system appeared and TechWorld Download the preview version of the software to show some of the new features in the software.

As expected, the major changes in Windows 11 are visible: Microsoft Stop Windows 10x Project, but brought many solution design concepts to the new operating system. Even with the new face, the end experience is still quite similar to what we already had in the good old Windows 10.

Windows 11 desktop.

It is also important to note that the architecture that runs on the Internet It does not represent the final version of the system And changes can happen until the event on the 24th. However, check the hands-on and first impressions of the leaked copy of Windows 11.

new look

Visual changes to Windows 11 begin with the installation and booting of the system. The updated version of Microsoft’s software has a new startup sound and a different logo, much flatter than the traditional one.

On the desktop, the look now looks very reminiscent of the defunct Windows 10X. The edges of Windows 11 are more rounded, while the system icons bring in more colors. In addition, the Start menu, which is usually located in the left corner of the interface, appears in the middle, but the user still has the option to switch to the classic view.

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Windows 11 also has more animations. While Windows 10 provides a simpler experience with gradients and highlights, the new version of the operating system removes bouncing icons and more responsive windows. The user experience becomes clearer and similar to competing solutions, such as macOS and some Linux distributions.


Even with more colors and animations, Windows 11 still offers minimal ease of use and interesting new features. The Start menu is more concise, has no Live Tiles by default, and can only be customized with the apps that are most useful to the user.

The display on the taskbar is cleaner, too. Notifications and users appear above the icons of open programs, while downloads create a small, subtle progress bar.

Windows is better suited to the desktop and has an option to automatically split screen space. File Explorer also received minor changes and now has better spacing between items, while the Command Prompt has been redesigned.

Theme manager has also been improved and Windows 11 has more diverse wallpapers than the previous version of the operating system. With this said, the user has several options to customize the appearance of the computer once the software is installed.

even windows

While the face of the new Windows is different, the heart of the operating system always looks the same. After an initial thought about the updated look, the usability of the operating system is very similar to Windows 10.

Windows 11Terminal and File Explorer in Windows 11.

The configuration and navigation menus are exactly the same as in the current version of the system. In addition, Windows 10 programs, whether from the Windows Store or “.exe” executables, run on the operating system without any barriers.

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During installation, the new operating system allows you to upgrade and keep existing applications on your computer. In other words, the trend is for Windows 11 to be a major upgrade to Microsoft’s existing operating system rather than an entirely new solution that requires additional fees.

Windows 11Windows 11 taskbar.

One of the visual differences in Windows 11 is the tab called Widgets. The new version contains a feed that brings information that used to appear in Live Tiles from the Start Menu, including weather and news. The current version does not allow you to customize the displayed content, but the preview is very clean and straightforward.

The task view button has also been redesigned. The new version contains central information and shows all open windows and applications on the system. However, the timeline function, which shows previously used files, does not appear in the new interface.

Is it worth downloading the ISO?

Currently, the major changes shown in the leaked build of Windows 11 are aesthetic. Although the current experience does not contain many errors, Advice is not to download the leaked ISO file ملف.

If you care about the security of your device, do not want to encounter any errors or do not know much about computers, then wait for the official launch of the operating system. Due to the high demand for the leaked build, it is expected that malicious people will use the name Windows 11 to spread computer viruses.

While much of the new Windows experience has already been revealed in the online version, the trend is that more news for the operating system will be shown during the event on June 24. Microsoft has stopped sending updates to members of the Insiders Program and may be keeping some cards in its pocket for viewing.

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The company is expected to revamp the Microsoft Store, which did not change the build of Windows 11 we tested. In addition, the company is expected to reveal more official information about the availability of the system, which should be released as a free update (at least that is what we hope will happen).