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Sinal de IPTV será bloqueado no Brasil? Anatel faz ANÚNCIO que não agrada brasileiros, confira

Will the IPTV signal be banned in Brazil? Anatel makes an ad that doesn’t please Brazilians, check it out

A few years ago, television was one of the most important forms of entertainment for the population. Through the so-called open and closed channels, the service offers an exhibition of hall programs, series, films, interviews and all kinds of multimedia production.

However, the enemy of this product, especially private channels, is IPTV. This mode offers a list of different channels, movies, and even broadcasts in some cases. However, these days of illegality may be numbered in Brazil.

Find out what can happen with IPTV – Image: Disclosure

The end of IPTV

IPTV, also known as “gatonet”, is a platform that aims to offer a large list of channels originally intended for television. This offer is done online.

However, this service may be about to end in Brazil. This is the goal of the National Communications Agency (Anatel), which has announced its intention to suspend the medium’s activity in the country.

In fact, the ban will be more targeted to services that operate illegally. It should be noted that some operators currently offer this type of transmission through annual or monthly subscriptions.

Thus, those who work in this way and within the legal model, having a copyright license, for example, will continue to operate normally, without any kind of interruption.

In these cases, we can cite as an example GloboPlay, which, in addition to presenting series and movies, also provides broadcast channels to the subscriber, depending on the purchased plans.

The same works with Claro TV that works online through subscription. We also have PlutoTV which gives you the chance to watch live TV channels in a legal way. In addition to these, there are other examples that will continue to work.

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Cancellation until 2023

Unfortunately, illegal use of the service is very common in the country. Users end up buying a device with a nominal value and accessing TV channels for free without any kind of association with the operators.

In its quest to contain the advance of this method, Anatel has announced that it aims to eliminate this type of service by 2023. This will happen when tools are used to detect irregular equipment and implement permanent blocking. Since the process is done illegally, it is not possible to resort to any kind of services.

It should be noted that the use of this type of service can be framed as a crime, and even penalties are imposed on the producers of the devices and those who use them. Also, by connecting illegal IPTV to the network, user data can be exposed to cybercriminals.

6 ways to watch TV on mobile or PC for free

The first method is through YouTube. This is because many broadcasters can put programs or excerpts of programs for free to be shown on the Internet.

In addition, there is also GloboPlay Live, which is provided when someone subscribes to GloboPlay. With it, it is possible to watch TV Globo content in real time and citizens of different locations can enjoy the benefits.

Facebook also acts as a platform for viewing content, as there are pages responsible for live broadcasting of certain events, such as football matches.

Another option, which many people may not know, is that some cell phones have the option of digital television, which works through the waves broadcast by radios. Some of the cell phones that have the function are Moto G6 Plus and LG K9 TV.

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However, there are still streaming platforms that can offer a free, although paid trial period, usually 30 days.

Finally, there is the cable TV login alternative, as cable TV channels often provide a website where you can sign up with customer data to watch TV on other sites, such as from a computer.

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