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Will the emergency withdrawal from the FGTS start in the next few days?  |  Accounting Gazette Network

Will the emergency withdrawal from the FGTS start in the next few days? | Accounting Gazette Network

The emergency withdrawal of the FGTS (Guarantee Fund for Employees) is a measure that workers have been waiting for since the end of last year, when the government released information that the measure allowed the recovery of up to minimum wages from active and inactive. Last year’s fund accounts could become available in 2021 as well.

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When do withdrawals start?

Unfortunately, the emergency withdrawal of the FGTS will not be available in 2021, according to a note sent by the Ministry of Economy, the government is not interested in issuing this year, as it has directed its efforts to emergency measures with a greater impact on the public directly affected by covid-19.

Check out some of the measures the government has already taken to tackle the pandemic this year.

  • Early repayment of the thirteenth pensioner
  • Emergency assistance (to be extended)
  • Postponement of tax collection
  • A program that allows contracts to be suspended and reduced working hours and workers’ wages, with partial financial compensation from the government

The futility of withdrawing

Another point that made it difficult to release the emergency withdrawal from FGTS 2021 is the release of the withdrawals in the past two years for those who do not remember, in addition to the release of the emergency withdrawal from the guarantee fund in 2020, the government issued the immediate withdrawal in 2019, which also enabled workers to recover what Up to one salary from the accounts linked to the fund.

In addition, according to the Board of Trustees of the FGTS, which is responsible for the actions of the fund, the possible release of withdrawals from workers was very worrying, aimed at stabilizing the program.

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We are trying to circumvent any additional measures targeting the pandemic that could weaken the fund and its sustainability. Last year was a year of great pressure on the fund,” he said.

For the secretary, it is important to allow time to “recover” the box.