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Will Duffy win BBB 24?  Beatrice is threatened by Isabel in the top three in the final · TV News

Will Duffy win BBB 24? Beatrice is threatened by Isabel in the top three in the final · TV News

With 11 days to go before the BBB 24 final, the fan favorite participants have already been decided. Davi Brito is considered the favorite brother to win the millionaire award, and Matthews Amaral remains in second place. Patrice Reis, who is in third place, is in danger of losing her chance in the final after Isabel Nogueira's rise in the opinion polls.

poll the the news It shows that the app driver has 67.03% of viewers preferring to win. Matthews appears at 13.45%. Bras' saleswoman gets 7.77% of the vote, but Isabelle goes after her ally.

As for the dancer, who before the exclusion of MC Bin Laden had only 6.70% favoritism, it rose to 6.98%. Pia remained in the same proportion. After the Amazonian dancer, there is Alan Dias. Beatrice's friend and loyal companion accumulates 3.05%.

The top 5 favorites of BBB 24 consist of three members of the fictional group (Bia, Alane and Mateus), and two from Puxadinho (Davi and Isabelle). Lucas Henrique Ferreira, Buddha, and Giovanna Lima have no chance of winning based on the audience's choices.

Even if they win the final tests and manage to escape the walls, the teacher and nutritionist are underrepresented in the polls and have little chance of becoming reality show millionaires. Giovanna received only 0.37% of the vote, and Boda 0.33%.

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When does BBB 24 end?

BBB 24 ends on April 16 and has been in “turbo mode” since last week. The show's goal is to speed up dynamics such as captain and angel testing, walls and eliminations, so that the reality show arrives on final day with the three finalists determined.

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Globo expects to pay a higher amount to the champion. Amanda Meirelles, winner of BBB 23, is the participant who has so far received the largest prize in the history of the attraction: R$2.88 million. The former sister also earned more than R$1 million from the sale of a car that she won in the Sponsor Dynamics.

BBB 25 registration will start soon as well. The reality show director JP Oliveira, popularly known as Boninho, announced that participants will need to apply in pairs in the first stage of selection. Spouses should be people with a strong emotional bond, such as fathers, children, mothers, siblings, friends, or spouses.