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Why isn’t LEGO Horizon Adventures coming to Xbox? Here’s what Gorilla says

Why isn’t LEGO Horizon Adventures coming to Xbox? Here’s what Gorilla says

LEGO Horizon Adventures will be one of several upcoming PlayStation releases; however, it will not be released on Xbox consoles. This detail has caught the attention of many gamers, who are wondering why the title is coming to Switch and not Microsoft’s systems.

In recent days, Guerrilla Games has justified the port to Nintendo’s hybrid console without saying a word about the game’s absence from Xbox. The studio’s creative director was then asked about a possible port to the X|S series, but his answer will surely disappoint more than one player.

James Windler, the game’s narrative director, was asked by Game File about the cross-platform release of LEGO Horizon Adventures and the lack of a version for Microsoft consoles.

He has avoided discussing a potential LEGO Horizon Adventures release for Series X|S at all costs.Instead, he stated that Guerrilla’s goal is to make the game look amazing on confirmed devices.

“Right now, we’re very focused on pushing this hardware to its limits and making this game look as amazing as possible on this hardware. As you know, we don’t have anything to announce about Xbox at this point.“Wendler commented,” he said.

Some believe that LEGO Horizon Adventures will never come to Xbox consoles. However, the creator’s words have also been interpreted differently, with some feeling that he left the door open for a possible future.

The truth is, nothing has been confirmed yet. LEGO Horizon Adventures will first launch later this year for PlayStation 5, Nintendo Switch, and PC, at a date that has yet to be confirmed.

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