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Why Elizabeth II Is the Most Unpopular Queen in Modern Britain

Why Elizabeth II Is the Most Unpopular Queen in Modern Britain

As he was childless (at the time, male heirs took precedence due to the country’s system of male primogeniture, a tradition that ended in 2013), his eldest daughter Elizabeth became first in line to the monarchy.

At the time of the abdication, Elizabeth was ten years old. He spent his childhood in the countryside in London and nearby towns. Yours though A house in London, on the edge of Hyde Park, Elegant and grand, the king now lacked sufficient protection for a direct heir. The princess was home schooled by a variety of teachers with her younger sister Margaret.

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Elizabeth’s Life as a Princess

“If Princess Elizabeth had grown up to be the King’s cousin or sister, she would have carried out some more royal duties, but she would have enjoyed a quieter life, with less press scrutiny and more time to pursue her own interests,” he said. Says O Historian and royal commentator Caroline Harris.

Instead, Elizabeth’s life changed dramatically in 1936, when her uncle abdicated and her father, George VI, became King. Suddenly, she was living in Buckingham Palace. His movements were restricted; Your upbringing has changed. Although her housekeeper, Marion Crawford, took her and her sister on outings and organized a scout group among the children of palace officials and many aristocratic friends and relatives, Elizabeth’s life was normal. .

Monarchy from Queen Victoria to Elizabeth

The princess was expected to master the social benefits of royalty and understand the history, ethics and laws of the country she would one day rule. He studied history with the Royal Archivist, religious studies with the Archbishop of Canterbury, and became fluent in French.

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Experts disagree on the extent of his education. Taking the throne “must have been very difficult for her, especially since she never went to school and didn’t have a broad education,” said royal correspondent Chris Schaap. to do English newspaper Daily Express In 2019.