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Why does hair turn white?  Science explains

Why does hair turn white? Science explains

A study that analyzed rat fur described the chemical process behind hair bleaching. understand

Carolina Fiorati

2 hours ago

Why does hair turn white?  Science explains

Photo: FORMAT arw/Unsplash/Playback

Gray hair begins to appear only when reaching age. Now, scientists at New York University, USA, have revealed the mystery behind this change in hair appearance.

According to researchers, gray hair is associated with so-called melanocyte stem cells, also known as McSCs. During normal hair growth, these cells are able to move and cross continuously between parts of the growing hair follicle.

However, as hair ages, falls out, and grows back frequently, an increasing number of CSCs become trapped in a compartment called the bulge of the hair follicle.

These cells are depleted It does not mature and does not return to its original location in the germinal compartment. As a result, the proteins present there do not stimulate them to regenerate into the pigment cells, leaving the hair white.

The study was published in the journal nature It mainly focused on mouse hair, but the researchers believe the same could happen with human hair.

If this is the case, then scientists will be able to look for ways to reverse or prevent the aging of human hair by helping the engorged cells move again between the parts of the hair follicle.

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