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Why do women suffer the most from this condition?

Why do women suffer the most from this condition?

Recently, you must have read somewhere about Attention Deficit Hyperactivity Disorder, ADHD. This condition has gained prominence due to the increase in diagnosis. But since the data is new, there are still many questions, such as why most people are ADHD Are they women In this article we better explain about the disorder and talk about this doubt.

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What is Attention Deficit Hyperactivity Disorder?

ADHD is a condition that includes symptoms such as difficulty concentrating, persistent distraction, restlessness, and persistent anxiety. In general, these characteristics stand out in work environments, or in the case of people who have many demands to get them done in a day.

This is because it is a disorder closely related to the social structure we know today, in which everyone is always wandering, with many demands that must be fulfilled. Thus, people with ADHD have great difficulties in being able to study and work, because their mental state is always sabotaging them.

Currently, the number of ADHD diagnoses has increased a lot, showing not only a greater possibility of developing the disease, but also greater efficiency of the tests. In these growth figures, it is highlighted how women are driving rates of this disorder, which may raise doubts about the impact of gender on the issue.

Both men and women are more likely to develop ADHD.

According to the UK ADHD Institute, although women lead the number of ADHD diagnoses in most parts of the world, a relationship cannot be established between the sexes. This is because this condition has an equal chance of developing in both men and women.

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Thus, the main factor behind the higher number of diagnoses may be due to the fact that women generally pay more attention to their health. This issue stands out above all in the case of mental health, where women also lead in diagnosis rates.

In this way, men’s resistance to going to the psychiatrist and undergoing a careful evaluation can affect the statistics. In any case, the current moment of awareness of this problem is undoubtedly a factor that raises the numbers.