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Why do we put uncooked rice behind the toilet?

Why do we put uncooked rice behind the toilet?

a Feng shui It appeared in China, an ancient culture that believed in a relationship between the regulation of environments and vibrations. Therefore, it is very common to find entrepreneurs decorating their offices using these standards to ensure prosperity. Now, check out why putting raw rice behind the toilet can bring good energy to your bathroom.

Feng shui in the bathroom

According to the ancient culture of feng shui, the bathroom can be an environment with very bad and negative energies. This is because it is a place of fame and purification, and ends up concentrating a lot of unnecessary matters.

However, it is possible to reverse this situation with some basic Feng Shui practices. For example, it is believed that one of the ways to bring more life into the environment and to make this space possible as well as an invigorating environment is to use plants.

Plants are important sources of positive energy and purification of environments. Therefore, by placing a branch of rosemary in your bathroom, for example, you guarantee greater purification.

In addition, other techniques can be used, such as the use of essential oils for fragrance and purification of the environment. Or even leave the bathroom door open when it’s empty so the air can freshen the room.

Finally, there is also the Chinese technique widely used by Feng Shui enthusiasts, which is placing raw rice behind the toilet.

Why do we use raw rice in the bath?

For the Chinese, who created the Feng Shui technique, rice is a powerful ingredient that is able to gather good energy. This is because it is a file food Powerful in nutritionAnd Able to help strengthen our body as well as our spirit.

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Thus, it is believed that just being in the bathroom can increase the vital energy of the place.

In addition, it is traditionally said that rice is also a source of luck and health, so we can even use it as a protective amulet.

So, try putting some rice right behind the toilet, in a clean bowl, to make sure there is no negative energy interference in your bathroom.