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Why do so many people enjoy lying even about silly things? Science explains

Have you ever stopped to think about why some people love to lie Was it personal fun?

As absurd as it may be, this desire to lie for pleasure has a scientific explanation.

Many people around the world may call it deception, while others call it deception, but simply and pleasantly lying does not mean honesty.

Do you care?

According to a professor of psychology at University of Massachusetts AmherstRobert Feldman, Ph.D. Some people enjoy lying for effective social tactics.

The “verbal deception” used by many of these liars is to increase social interaction with others.

People enjoy lying
Why do so many people enjoy lying even about silly things? Science explains. (Photo: Pexes)

See what Robert Feldman has to say about this phenomenon:

“People do not expect you to lie; the expectation is that they hear the truth from others, and this allows people who often lie to get away with it.”

It is important to analyze these situations in your daily life, because some people enjoy conquering white lies.

Why do some people lie for fun?

Although a lot of people use lying for their own benefit, a lot of people enjoy the pleasure and oppression and use this tool.

Amazingly, there are a lot of people who get it social benefits Through blatant lies.

This is why these other reasons why so many people are happy with the potential to benefit from lying seem naughty in certain situations.

Here are some behaviors that explain why these people enjoy lying.

1 – Get a reward

There are many people who erroneously claim these types of information just to get some benefit.

Unfortunately, there are people even in a job interview who increase their chances of getting hired through manipulation and lies.

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People enjoy lying

People of this type are very happy to deceive and manipulate people for short and long term rewards.

2- Avoid personal punishment

Surprisingly, many people who live with you can use a lie to avoid personal punishment and hurt you.

People who use lying for fun manipulation and deception People are very likely to change certain information in order not to harm themselves.

So it is very important that you understand certain types of behavior of nice people and avoid these types of misinformation affecting your life.

3- Gaining popularity

People who use fun in compulsive lie You are always trying to win the admiration of others through false information.

The fact is that some of the lies told can significantly increase the popularity of a particular person using these means.

4- Get out of awkward social situations

It is very common to see people lie to get out of difficult embarrassing situations in life.

For these types of people, lying ends up being a trigger to pretend they are innocent and to distance themselves from complicated situations.

People enjoy lying

In fact, it is very difficult to live with people who have this type of behavior. Lying for these people is a simple way to avoid embarrassment.

How is a lie detector?

Except for professional liars, all people who use this medium for their own benefit have some sort of anxiety unlike lying.

Therefore, it is necessary to have certain knowledge and information when Know how to spot a lie.

Lie detectors rely on information that the human body physically shows in an honest and spontaneous manner.

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Many experts advise people to start watching combinations of endings to identify liars.

Check out some below signs of lying To be your own lie detector. are they:

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  • uncomfortable behavior
  • distract from the problem;
  • slip of the tongue in denial;
  • pulling, caressing or rubbing the nose;
  • redness of the face and neck;
  • Stop and stutter.
  • Change in tone of voice.
  • make multiple excuses;
  • Stay in a defensive position.
  • Arms crossed over chest.
  • Avoid contact with eyes.

It’s easy to spot the way many people deal with the symptoms of lying. That is why it is so important for you to know who the people you live with on a daily basis are.

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People enjoy lying

This is because some of the people you live with and love can manipulating your behavior Through lies and lack of information.

Unfortunately, there are many people who use these means for their own benefit and even harm the lives of others.

Lies have consequences

There are several considerations that come into play when defending honesty, morals, ethics, and politics when deceiving people through lies.

What you need to know is that lying is psychological tool It is very difficult to deal with and can have short and long term consequences.

In fact, people who live committed lives wear one shoe waiting for the other to fall – one day everything will fall apart.

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If you are someone who knows how to spot who is lying to you, it can greatly affect your trust and faith in others, right?

The truth is that lying can be very horrible for a love relationship or for building trust between people.

Therefore, nutrition measurement situations in your life will only bring Serious consequences And living in falsehood will not last forever.

Would you like to know more about the reasons for so many People enjoy lying? So don’t waste any more time and share with your friends and family these tips to know how to spot liars.