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Why do mathematicians actually guarantee access to the Series A Cruise?

Photo: Staff Photos/Cruz

Edu and Rafael Cabral, pillars of Cruzeiro’s excellent campaign in the first round of the second division

Professor at the Department of Mathematics at the Federal University of Minas Gerais (UFMG), Gelcione Nonato Costa explained: Supersports Because he and other professionals in the region are virtually guaranteed access to the Cruzeiro Serie A for the Brazilian Championship.

With 73.7% success, Cruzeiro finished the first round of the second division after adding 42 points out of a possible 57. The miners opened a feature seven for Vice Chief Vasco and an impressive 14 for Tombense, fifth, the first club outside of G4.

“Statistically speaking, given Cruzeiro’s condition, it’s really gone up. If the championship changes completely from now on, Cruzeiro starts to score poorly, he’ll score 20 points in the second round,” Gilsion said.

The professor added: “Cruzeiro will get to 62 and will force the fifth to score more than 36 points in turn, which is very difficult. Because of this, he has already guaranteed access already. He did not guarantee that athletically,” the professor added. .

According to UFMG, Cruzeiro has a 98.3% chance of reaching. “Roughly speaking, this is equivalent to, in a deck of playing cards, that you draw one specific card that does not guarantee access to Cruzeiro. This is highly unlikely,” Gilson said.

Arrive at what tour?

Debate among mathematicians is already raging over which round Cruzeiro will secure himself as an athlete in the 2023 series. As of the 28th, Gillesion says, miners will already be able to score enough points to confirm access.

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“If you were expecting fifth place, Sport or Tombense, they would make it to the end of Round Two with 56 points (twice what they have today). Think about reaching,” the UFMG professor said.

“From the standpoint of probability, if everything continues to go well for Cruzeiro, there is a chance, mathematically, of securing access in the 28th round. Before the 28th round, only a hypothetical classification will be possible,” he said.

Gelsion believes that by round 33, six games from the end of the second division, perhaps in mid-October, Cruzeiro will already be guaranteed to be in the elite. “It is very likely that in the 32nd or 33rd round it is already sportingly guaranteed in the Italian league,” he explained.

And what is the address?

a Supersports The mathematician has also questioned the fight for the Series B title. UFMG reports that Cruzeiro has a 71% chance of lifting the trophy in 2022. The sum of the competitors’ odds doesn’t even reach half the odds of the miners, Prof.

“Access is practically guaranteed, but the title is not. It’s still open. There are seven fat points for Cruzeiro in regards to Vasco, perhaps an athlete who could be a champion in early rounds, but still has head-to-heads,” it assessed.

And he warned of “another factor that prevents us from ensuring a safer performance away from home. The current moment of instability. In order to secure the title more easily, he has to regain his good performance as a visitor.”

In his last four away matches, Cruzeiro with Ituano and CSA and lost from vasco The Guarani. The second-best visitor, though, is in Srie B, with a score of 15 – one point lower than Chapecoense, who leads.