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Why did Anita leave Warner Music?

Why did Anita leave Warner Music?

Last Tuesday (4), singer Anita published a joint statement with Warner Music, announcing that they would no longer work together. According to the text of the declaration, the decision was mutual:

“After 11 years of successful partnership, we have agreed to go our separate ways. Anitta would like to thank the Warner Music team for all of their support. And the Warner team wishes Anitta the best in the future.”

The first contract that Anita signed was with Warner Music Brasil in 2013. In 2020, the artist signed a new document with Warner Music in the United States.

Anita Twitter without filters

Despite the fact that the Instagram note shows Anitta’s sweet departure from Warner Music, on Twitter, the filters fell off a while ago. That’s when the artist made a public complaint about the poster. follow her string:

However, this was not the singer’s first complaint. On other occasions recently, Anita has spoken of her dissatisfaction with the launch strategy the company uses for its new albums. Once again, she expressed her regret on Twitter, saying:

“When you’re young and you don’t know much yet, you have to pay close attention to the things he signs. I asked the label to just do the simple job they were supposed to do: promote my music.”

Anita’s relationship with Warner Music He’s been getting out of line lately, since the release of his song “Envolver,” which became a worldwide hit thanks to TikTok. In all, the song has accumulated over 500 million Spotify plays.

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In addition to this case, the album “Versions of Me”, featuring the singles “Girl From Rio”, “Me Gusta” and “Lobby”, which the artist presented in partnership with Missy Elliott, has reached nearly 100 million views.

In the artist’s analysis, the way the label manages its releases is not a satisfactory promotional function.