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Por que algumas notas de R$ 100,00 podem ser vendidas por mais de R$ 4 MIL? Entenda!

Why can some R$100 bills sell for more than R$4,000? Understood!

Have you heard of the Numanis? These are the people who collect rare coins and are always looking for new items for their collections. In light of this, it is easier to understand why some R$100 notes sell for more than R$4,000, but not just any note.

The required banknotes have specific characteristics that distinguish them from others. The smallest details are noticed in seemingly ordinary banknotes. With the Internet, buying and selling coins and banknotes has become much easier, interested parties declare their interest in rare items and are therefore able to find sellers.

And there are people looking for these banknotes all over the country, the business is so serious that the banknotes undergo analysis processes so that the buyer can be sure that it is an original item and not a copy or a fraud. The higher the rarity of the coin, the higher the amount paid for it.

These notes are collectors’ items. Credit: @jeanedeoliveirafotografia/pronatec.pro.br

What is a banknote worth over R$4,500?

The 100 Brazilian real banknote being researched is part of the first generation of the real in Brazil, it was issued in 1994 and is considered rare because it bears two signatures: Pedro Maian and Rubens Ricupero. The first was the head of the Central Bank at that time, and the second was the Minister of Finance at that time. The set of banknotes with both signatures was limited.

Another factor that makes the note more special to collectors is a misprint. The banknotes are printed with the words “Thank God” but this did not happen with this batch. Banknotes that are part of the series with prime numbers 1199, 1200 and 1201 are for sale.

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In addition, the conditions for keeping the note and its integrity are among the factors taken into consideration to determine the value of the rarity, according to experts in the field.

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How do I know if banknotes can be sold?

Some people have a habit of keeping coins and bills from the past or even recent times that are different from others, but these people don’t always have a real sense of the treasure they hold. If you find old banknotes at home, collectors suggest that you seek out a numismatist to appraise the collection.

Another option is to search for official catalogs that can be found in bookstores. Among them are “Catálogo Vieira Cedulas Brasileiras” and “Bentes Official Book of Coins of Brazil 1500 – 2022”. The Internet can also help with identification, as many collectors’ videos explain the rarer models and how to identify them.

There is also the possibility of using digital sales platforms such as OLX and Mercado Livre, spaces that are usually used to sell rare coins. Anyone can make the sale, including through ads and sharing photos and information on social media.

The value can also be determined by an analysis performed at a specialized auction house, which will accurately show the exact value of each coin and note.

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