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Who will actually win a place?  Vote in the poll · TV News

Who will actually win a place? Vote in the poll · TV News

Announced the record of the names of five residents of Payolde farm 14 This Monday (12). Andre Santos, a former soccer player, was the first to be announced, followed by Beatrice Miranda, Gretchen’s granddaughter. Subsequently, Claudia Castanheira (Baroness), MC Crowe and Susie Sasaki were announced by broadcaster Adrien Galisto.

Who do you think should win a spot on a country reality show? Vote in the poll the news at the end of this text.

The vote to decide who will be the 21st participant in the new season takes place on R7, the official website of the Chronicles, in the same format as in previous years – the weekly decision of Roca, which participants want to get rid of, will also be taken place there.

“The shopkeepers who are left will be on alert. If any worker there succumbs to thirst or gets fired, these things happen, depending on the moment, they get into the game. After the shop is over, he will turn over the farmer’s farm. The head of the week will be able to take his friends to gossip,” he explained Galisto.

So far, the record has not yet revealed when the audience’s chosen participant will be revealed or when he will enter the reality show’s headquarters.


Paiol A Fazenda 2022: Who will actually win a place?

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