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Who was Lady Di's best friend who is also the godmother of Prince Harry - Metro World News Brasil

Who was Lady Di’s best friend who is also the godmother of Prince Harry – Metro World News Brasil

If you’ve watched Season 4 of The Crown, you’ll surely remember the scene in which little Mrs. Dee arrives at her apartment and tells her friends that Prince Charles, the future Prince of Wales, has proposed to her. The King of the United Kingdom.

The reaction of the actresses in the scene is what we can probably expect from a group of young girls when they learn that their roommate is going to marry the most important man in the country and that she will one day be a queen. Well, we know how the “love” story between Charles and Diana ended, but given the fact that Lady Di lived with three other friends in a London apartment, prior to marrying Charles, the scene was very true to reality.

In fact, the scene was taken from the book “Diana: Her True Story – In Her Own Words” by biographer Andrew Morton which we later learn was made with four hands, with the constant presence of Mrs. Dee in each chapter. .

Caroline Bartholomew was one of those friends who shared an apartment with Lady Di, who went on to be one of the princess’s closest friends when she became royal. Diana and Caroline have known each other since school, attending West Heath School in Kent, and later Lady Di called her to be Prince Harry’s godmother.

In the 1980s, when she shared an apartment with Diana, Caroline studied music at the Royal College of Music (mainly singing and playing the piano). According to Tatler, she was also a gifted athlete as well as sporting musical talents.

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Furthermore, it was Caroline who asked Diana to seek medical help for her eating disorder.

She married William Bartholomew in September 1982, and Princess Diana was present today in a beautiful pink dress. Not much is known about Caroline these days, but during an auction in 2017, Diana sent “Intimate Letters” to Caroline which raised more than £93,000.

Caroline is seen at Prince Harry and Meghan Markle’s wedding in May 2018.