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WHO says Micron presents 'extremely high' global risk

WHO says Micron presents ‘extremely high’ global risk

The World Health Organization said the micronized variant of the coronavirus, which has already been detected in more than 60 countries, poses a “extremely high” global risk, with evidence that it is outside vaccine protection, but clinical data on its severity remains limited. .).

Ômicron is surrounded by great doubts. In a technical summary issued on Sunday (12), the World Health Organization said that it was first detected last month in South Africa and Hong Kong, and that it had mutations that could lead to increased transmissibility and more cases of Covid-19 virus.

“The overall risk related to the new Micron strain remains very high for a number of reasons,” she said, repeating her initial assessment of the strain on November 29.

“Secondly, preliminary evidence indicates the possibility of a humoral immune escape against infection and high transmission rates, which could lead to a new outbreak with severe consequences,” the organization added, referring to the virus’s potential ability to escape from the virus. Immunity provided by antibodies.

The World Health Organization cited some preliminary evidence that the number of people infected with the virus had increased in South Africa.

Although preliminary results in South Africa suggest Micron may be less severe than the delta variant – currently prevalent worldwide – and all cases reported in the Europe region have been mild or asymptomatic, it is not yet clear to what extent that may be. Microns are less virulent in nature, the WHO said.

“More data is needed to understand the risk profile. Although the risk may be lower than the delta variable, hospitalizations are expected to increase as a result of increased transmission. More hospitalizations could burden healthcare systems and lead to more of deaths.”

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The World Health Organization said that more information about the new alternative is expected in the coming weeks.