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Who is the queen's doctor?  - Metro World News Brazil

Who is the queen’s doctor? – Metro World News Brazil

Last week, after it was announced that doctors had warned Queen Elizabeth to cancel her appointments and stay at rest, an alarm bell went off about the UK monarch’s health. Elizabeth II is 95 years old and, according to recent reports from Buckingham Palace, is in good health.

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Sir Hugh Thomas, 63, is a Queen’s physician who is also a consultant at St Mary’s Hospital in London and Professor of Gastrointestinal Genetics at Imperial College London. According to BBC information, he is the medical team of the royal family, according to the BBC. “You become part of this organization and become the personal physician to the key people in it, who are as sick as the other patients.”Sir Ho said earlier this year, in an internal interview at Imperial.

However, we know that when it comes to the King of the United Kingdom, all medical decisions, including a simple trip to the hospital for tests, as happened last Friday, 22, are made with great media coverage. Doctor Hugh Thomas is the Queen’s official physician, but does not perform this role full-time: “My role in the medical home does not have fixed sessions, which is how and when I need”Sir said he was the one who got the knighthood this year. There are a number of other doctors at the Medical House and other specialists who meet the Queen when she travels abroad, as well as other specialists who may eventually be consulted.