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Who is the masked singer astronaut?  The clues point to a Globo . representative

Who is the masked singer astronaut? The clues point to a Globo . representative

Swap bets to guess who is hiding behind a fantasy Astronauts do the masked singer Brazil He’s been referring to several names, with Thiago Abravanel being the most famous in recent weeks. But it is not the grandson of Silvio Santos who sings on the stage of Yvette Sangallo, but the actor, comedian, singer and presenter Sergio Lorosa.

The clues presented so far have helped to confuse the public. Even the jurors’ insistence on mentioning Abravanel’s name made a large portion of viewers believe he was the disguised astronaut.

But it was Sérgio Loroza who was charming with his performance. He will also be eliminated on Tuesday (9/28) episode of the Globo reality show. Check out some of the guides she points to below:

Favorite color: Pink

On the reality show’s first episode, on August 10th, this advice came to the screen when Astronauta took to the stage. As much as Tiago Abravanel has a bathroom in his house in pink, Loroza also loves this color, so much so that he dyed his beard pink a few times.

take the chance

In his first appearance, the astronaut said, “For me, the most important thing is for everyone to enjoy their day without thinking about tomorrow.” Interestingly, the first record released by Sergio Lorosa, in 2013, was titled Carpe Diem, which means “Make the Most of Now”.

big daddy

Sergio Lorosa has two children: Luisa and Joao Felipe. Like him, they are both singer and songwriter. In the second show, an astronaut appeared holding two dolls, one with a girl’s imprint and the other with a boy, and she said sequentially: “I love being with my friends and family.”

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Also in his second performance in The Masked Singer Brasil, Astronauta revealed the following advice: His favorite game is foosball. Interestingly, in an interview with Danilo Gentili, on The Night, in 2014, Loroza revealed that one of her secret talents is her skill in “toto”.

big boy

On the September 14 episode, it was revealed that the astronaut was six feet tall. And guess who measures exactly the same value? Yes, Sergio Lorosa.


The astronaut said last week, “There are people who don’t know how skilled I am in everything I do, and I think I might end up pushing the pain. But I will say that monkey is life on our planet.” Lorosa is an actor and his most notable role on television was Figuerinha, in the sitcom A Diarista.

Hurricanes Vaskau and Hilda

On the same day, the astronaut issued the following sentence: “It all began exactly 100 years after the founding of my heart team.” Loroza is a supporter of Vasco, who celebrated his centenary in 1998, the same year he made his first appearance on television, more specifically in the series Hilda Furacão, where he played radio presenter Emecê, the owner of the seductive voice that drove his listeners crazy.