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Who goes to the secret room?  See rating and partial · TV news

Who goes to the secret room? See rating and partial · TV news

false wall BBB 22 Heading to another victory Arthur Agyar. The actor appears first in the dispute over who goes to the secret room Update part of the survey Globo reality show. face vote against Gustavo MarcingoLin da Quebrada and Eliezer Netto.

survey result the news It indicates that 81.85% of more than 138,000 voters who want to see former Malhachau have privileged information on false judiciary. The investor comes second with 9.15% of voting intentions. The singer appears on his tail with 7.12%, while the entrepreneur has only a 1.88% chance.

The UOL poll showed the same result: 70.01% of the vote for Arthur versus 16.59% for Linaand 11.26% of Gustavo and 2.14% of Eliezer. More than 61,000 posts have been registered until this text was updated.

But the outcome is different on social media. In the questionnaire made by the news On Twitter, Gustavo is the favorite spoiler of the game, with 47.1% of the vote going to the secret room. Arthur comes in second with 40%. Lena and Eliezer together do not add up to 15%; The poll got more than two thousand votes.

The surveys have no scientific character, they only depict a trend on the part of Big Brother Brasil viewers. The official Wall of the Season score is the one obtained by voting on Gshow and will be known during the show hosted by Tadeu Schmidt on Tuesday evening (5).


BBB 22: Who won the fake wall?

fake wall

The most voted on the false wall will be sent to a secret room on Tuesday night. From there, the person chosen by the public will have some powers: cut off the water in the house; Put everyone on Xepa; Wake up brothers at any time. Everyone is locked up in the garden or inside the house.

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