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Who can borrow up to 1000 BRL?

Who can borrow up to 1000 BRL?

box I launched a loan program through the Caixa Tem app This Monday (27). Loans of R$300 to R$1,000, at interest rates of 3.99% per month, can be contracted by up to 100 million people.

The service targets individuals, personal expenses, and companies investing in their businesses. However, no one who receives the Bolsa Família will have access to the credit.

See below for key information on who can get the loan.

Who can hire credit?

Self-employed (without a formal contract), beneficiaries of social programs, recipients of public income distribution policies, and wage earners can access credit.

The credit offer will be available to anyone who uses the Caixa Tem app and has already updated the registration, as their account has been transferred from Caixa Social Digital to Poupança Digital +. The update will be released gradually according to the month of birth.

It is essential that you have been approved by a Caixa credit analysis and have a limit available to contract. Also, your name cannot be negative in Serasa and SPC.

Can a Bolsa Família Get This Loan?

The program will not serve Bolsa Família beneficiaries. According to the foundation, the Caixa Tem registration update process, which is necessary to obtain the loan, cancels the Bolsa Família Benefits Card. According to Caixa president, Pedro Guimarães, the limitation is because this audience will have difficulties repaying the loan.

With regard to the beneficiaries of first aidGuimarães stated that most of those receiving assistance are currently members of the Bolsa Família, that is, they will not be able to receive credit either.

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But there are some people in this part of the population who have an income, even if it is informal, who may be able to get a loan.

According to him, the idea of ​​offering credit by date of birth and giving a ten-day period for analysis was precisely to try to prevent aid recipients from confusing product with utility.

Loans for individuals and companies

Through Caixa Tem, the user can offer two types of loans: personal and productivity. The first is suitable for personal expenses, the second is intended for investment in business and / or projects. The interest rate for both is the same, 3.99% per month, and the payment is in 24 installments.

The amounts released for the loan are based on user registration information and take into account personal and/or business financial history. After credit assessment, the amount is released.

Is it possible to get personal and business loans?

According to the head of Caixa, there are no restrictions at first. However, this will be taken into account when analyzing credit risk. Those who have already obtained credit in one way may have a higher credit risk and not be accepted in the other.

Can those who already have a loan from Caixa get a loan from Caixa Tem?

he can. However, Caixa does not have many personal lines of credit and most operate in a payroll deductible credit method, with low interest rates. Therefore, the customer should not choose this new line.