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"Whew! For God's sake!"

“Whew! For God’s sake!”


The former BBB group was surprised on Friday afternoon (20) by two surprises from a fan

Clone/Official Eliezer Instagram - Eliezer stands for his social networks.
Clone/Official Eliezer Instagram – Eliezer stands for his social networks.

last Friday (20), EliezerPreviousBBB 22he decided to appear on his official Instagram profile stories two surprises Received from a fan. In a series of videos posted, the previously imprisoned man said he did not expect the tribute and thanked him for the affection.

Juliana Caldera, a pastry chef, was responsible for the surprises. First, the fan gave the ex-BBB some chocolate, but soon after, she revealed her biggest surprise: a tattoo. Eliezer is surprised to realize that Juliana’s tattoo is the same as the pig he has, but with the former brother’s signature under the design.

“Two surprises! It’s my little original and my signature. What is it guys? I don’t even know what to say. How weird! For God’s sake. Thanks for the love!”The former BBB said. “I told him he wouldn’t get rid of me that easily, again. A fan is like this, one crazy thing after another. And he thinks he has no fans.”“Madness,” said the baker when commenting on “madness.”

Another former BBB 22 contestant He got a tattoo as a tribute to Jade Picon. The influencer shared the tattoo made by a netizen with her face, becoming one of the most talked about topics on social media.

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