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When examining the horn, the teacher finds a bear in the car

When examining the horn, the teacher finds a bear in the car

One teacher was surprised to see her car horn blaring earlier this week. The woman, identified as Mary Jane Yarbrough, was visiting Tennessee for a project at her school and had her car parked in front of the house where she was staying.

Shortly after getting up, about 6:00 AM, she began to hear a noise from the car, and on her way, she found her dog barking toward the trembling car. In an interview with local media, Marie said she initially thought someone had been trapped inside the car, which was not unlocked. But after she called the police, she found out that the intruder was actually a black bear.

Customers were able to get him out of the car without injury, but not without causing damage to the school, which shared a video of the animal on its social media sites.

“He tore off the dashboard, my airbag, the radio out, and a search in my glove compartment,” Mary said in detail.

The Tennessee Wildlife Support Agency released a statement on Facebook social networking site Recommend that state residents keep their car doors closed, especially if the car has food inside, as the smell can attract animals.

In the parameter’s case, I kept the protein bars in the car.

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