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When asked about Bolsonaro, Felipe Melo got angry

When asked about Bolsonaro, Felipe Melo got angry

Felipe Melo is upset by a question about Bolsonaro. Photo: reproduction

Pocketnarista Felipe Mello seems uncomfortable with the president. In a press conference, the Palmeiras midfielder complained when asked about Jair Bolsonaro. He was asked if he would dedicate the cup to the president, as he did on another occasion, if he was the champion of Libertadores.

The athlete responded angrily: Are we talking about football or politics? I’m here to talk about football. I’m here to talk about a decision between Flamengo and Palmeiras. So I’m not here to answer who I’m going to assign.”

Then Felipe Melo revealed a possible title dedication:

“Therefore, I will dedicate a Palmeiras victory to every Palmeiras fan and to everyone who lived with us this dream of reaching the Copa Libertadores final again.”


The player’s apparent dissatisfaction with the new boss. This happened after he stated that he was encouraging Flamengo in the dispute. In an interview last Monday (22), the pocket’s attorney said the agent “is his best asset”.

Did I do a shit? I did. I wouldn’t vote for another guy, but if I win someone else, do I hope to go to hell? No, I’m Brazilian. I left everything in Milan, and I earned it in euros, to come to my country. I am a patriot and I support whoever goes there,” he told Folha de São Paulo.

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Felipe Melo is not the only one who has angered Bolsonaro

In addition to the defensive midfielder, the athletes and managers Palmeiras are angry with the president. Also found DCMBolsonaro’s supporters at the club felt betrayed by the president’s supporters, Flamengo. Felipe Melo was waiting for the president’s fans at the Libertadores decision. However, team managers asked the athletes not to pretend.

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This Friday (27), the president announced his support for Flamengo in the final of the tournament. “Like I said in 2019 and it worked, tomorrow we are all Flamingos,” he said.

Even if the trophy is for the agent, he cannot receive it himself. Bolsonaro has not been vaccinated, making it impossible for him to go to the match, which is being held at Estádio Centenário, in Montevideo, in Uruguay.

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