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WhatsApp with a new look; install new updates in less than a minute

WhatsApp with a new look; install new updates in less than a minute

WhatsApp updates with new features and a fresh look. Learn how the system will change the user experience in 2024 without losing simplicity.

Hey WhatsApp Several new features were launched in 2023 with the aim of making the app easier to use. Updates range from changes to the look and feel of the platform, including a brand tone, to the arrival of new features for channels.

One of the most notable events was the launch of “Channels”, where people and companies can send messages to an unlimited number of users.

For 2024, the company has decided to launch the service of sending audio and polls on channels, in addition to allowing status updates and adding more admins in these spaces. Next, Find out what features WhatsApp has launched in 2024 so far.

WhatsApp is bringing big changes in 2024. Explore new features that make communication easier and improve the usability of the world’s most popular platform. (Photo: Jane de Oliveira / Noticiadamanha.com.br).

How to search messages by date in WhatsApp?

Earlier this year, WhatsApp started allowing users to search for messages by specific dates.

Now, simply select the day, month, and year in a conversation to see all the messages sent on that date. This feature can also be used to find photos, videos, links, and documents.

How to search messages by date:

  • Open a conversation, then tap the name of the contact or group.
  • Go to Search and tap the calendar icon
  • Select the date to display the desired content

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New features in WhatsApp channels

Within broadcast channels, you can now publish audio messages and polls to your followers.

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Additionally, users can share updates from channels they’re subscribed to on their status pages.

WhatsApp also lets you add other people as channel admins, allowing up to 16 admins per channel.

These admins can create, edit, and delete any update, but only the channel owner can delete it.

Other new features include:

  • Voice messages:Send audio to your followers
  • PollsCreate polls and see what your followers think.
  • Status Updates: Share news directly in status
  • More moderators:Add up to 16 admins to help manage the channel.

Changes in the appearance of WhatsApp

The app also has a new look. For Android users, the tabs containing “Conversations,” “Updates,” “Communities,” and “Connections,” which used to be at the top of the screen, now appear at the bottom.

The tone of the app has changed with more intense colors. Dark mode has become darker and light mode with more white areas. Icons and buttons have also received new shapes and colors.

New visuals:

  • Tab position:Change the position of the panels to the bottom
  • Application ringtone: More intense and distinct colors between light and dark modes.
  • Icons and buttons: New layouts and colors for icons and buttons

New message format options

WhatsApp has expanded message format options. Now, in addition to bold, italics, strikethrough, and monospace, it’s possible to use lists, quotes, and programming code.

How to use the new format:

  • wide: text Before and after stretching
  • Diagonal: text Before and after stretching
  • Lined in the middle: text Before and after stretching
  • monospace: Texto Before and after stretching
  • Item List: – text
  • Numbered list1. Text
  • Quote block:> Text
  • Embedded code: Texto

Pin three messages per conversation

WhatsApp now lets you pin up to three messages per conversation. Any content can be pinned, including text, emoji, poll, and stickers.

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How to install the message:

  • Click on the selected message and go to “Pin”
  • Choose the duration of the pinned message: 24 hours, 7 days, or 30 days
  • The pinned message will appear at the top of the conversation

Chat filters on WhatsApp

To make organization easier, WhatsApp has created a tool that allows users to find conversations using filters. It is now possible to choose between “All”, “Unread” and “Groups”.

How to use conversation filters:

  • Open WhatsApp
  • Click on the filters icon at the top of the chat list
  • Select the desired filter

WhatsApp sticker editor

WhatsApp users can now create stickers directly in the app, from an existing photo in their iPhone gallery, and edit existing stickers.

How to create a poster:

  • Open the sticker box
  • Select “Create” and choose an image from the gallery
  • Customize the sticker and send it in the conversation.

How to edit the sticker:

  • Open the sticker box
  • Press and hold the sticker you want to edit.
  • Select “Edit”
  • Personalize and send in chat

Other WhatsApp news in 2024 includes:

  • Events and responses in societies: Administrators can create events in groups and members can respond to announcements
  • Login without SMS authentication on iPhone: Access the app using Face ID or Touch ID
  • Block printing of personal photos on Android: Error message appears when trying to capture the screen

WhatsApp continues to invest in improvements to deliver a more complete and accessible experience to its users. The 2024 updates demonstrate the platform’s commitment to innovation and facilitating communication.

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